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Most times, the first step to making a custom jewelry design is choosing the center diamond or gemstone. Round brilliant diamonds and gemstones are the most popular choice due to their brilliance and fire. Princess cut diamonds and gemstones offer a contemporary look that compliments classic and geometric settings, and are second in popularity, offering similar brilliance of round brilliant shapes.

Cushion cut diamonds and gemstones are perfect for vintage-inspired, hand engraved or filigree settings, and the radiant cut makes a nice option for those who prefer a rectangular shape. Asscher cut and emerald cut diamonds and gemstones are step-cut, for a sleek, elegant appearance. They emit less fire or sparkle than round brilliant cuts and are more transparent. Marquise cut, oval cut, and pear-shaped diamonds and gemstones are more distinctive shapes, and help fingers look long and slender due to their elongated appearance. Heart-shaped diamonds and gemstones are the symbol of love. specializes in premium and ideal cuts, GIA & AGS certified diamonds and fancy colored diamonds. There are hundreds of gemstones available from ultra-fine AGTA precious ruby, sapphire and emerald to top quality semi-precious morganite, opal, aquamarine, tourmaline, blue ziron and much more.